Battery Swap Cabinet

Battery Swap Cabinet

5 slots, 8 slots, 9 slots, 12 slots optional
Dynamic safe fast charging
modular design
More flexible, stronger and safer configuration


48v 60v 72v battery optional
GPS/5G network module
Battery thermal cutoff and low temperature protection
Custom voltage and capacity


Battery Management System

Charge and discharge monitoring
Battery automatic balancing
Automatic/Passive Protection
Data upload

Cloud Management Platform

Collaborative management of electric motorcycles, batteries, and battery swap cabinet
Modular design, covering operations management including user center/registration/deposit/purchase package/battery ID/vehicle management/remote booking/scan leasing/replacement/return of the battery.
Management center: asset status (type/status/location, etc.), operational planning, strategy management, order status, income and expense details, user list, etc.
Intelligent and self-modifying setting management platform

Cloud Management Platform

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Motorcycle Battery Swap


About tycorun


TYCORUN ENERGY is a professional supplier of battery swap cabinet solutions.
A new energy technology company specializing in R&D and sales of battery swap cabinet systems
Founded in 2007, it has reached cooperation with customers from more than 20 countries
With strong capital, strong productivity, advanced technology, and professional after-sales service, it is in a leading position in the entire battery replacement industry
Owning two manufacturing plants, the team has many years of experience in battery swapping cabinet solutions, and is an in-depth partner of many electric motorcycle manufacturers.


The battery swap cabinet is an intelligent device that can provide users with convenient and fast electric motorcycle battery swap services. This kind of equipment has been widely used in the fields of two-wheeled electric vehicle rental, shared electric vehicles, and charging and swapping of two-wheeled electric vehicles. Different from the traditional battery charging mode, the vehicle and battery in the battery swap mode achieve a standardized and unified way to match the battery swap cabinet with people, vehicles, and batteries. When the battery is running low and you don’t have a charger at hand or want to avoid lengthy charging times, a battery swap cabinet is a great solution.

The battery swap cabinet is composed of a cabinet body and a battery pack, including functional units such as a power supply system, a control system, a charging system, and a display panel. The internal control system is mainly composed of control and communication modules,Through the background/server, deploy the foreground operation,Users control the battery replacement system through mobile phones or computers to complete the functions of starting, running, real-time monitoring and ending the charging process.

1 Find a battery swap cabinet that is compatible with your electric motorcycle.
2 Drive your electric motorcycle to the battery swap cabinet and park it in the designated area.
3 Turn off your electric motorcycle and open the battery compartment or charging port.
4 Install the APP or use the card to register
5 Choose the package you want and pay the deposit or pay for the battery
6 Obtain the battery according to the instructions and replace it to the electric motorcycle
Close the battery compartment or charging port and start your electric motorcycle.
Start off with a fully charged battery and continue your journey.
It’s important to note that the exact steps and procedures for using a battery swap cabinet may vary by make and model of electric motorcycle, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer if you have any questions or concerns.

We use high-quality A-grade lithium batteries, and the standard use time is more than 5 years.
We also have LFP batteries, NCA batteries,and NCM batteries.You can choose different types of batteries according to the environment your needs.

The traditional charging method needs to use wires to transmit electric energy, which will cause wire loss and energy waste, and will also generate a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions. In contrast, the battery swap cabinet uses already charged batteries, which avoids loss and waste caused by power transmission, and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. This environmental protection method protects the environment to a certain extent, and is also in line with the policy orientation of environmental protection countries in terms of green travel.

Battery swap cabinets can be designed to accommodate a variety of electric motorcycle models and battery types. However, it must be ensured that the battery used in the electric motorcycle is compatible with the swapping system used in the battery swap cabinet. This may require the development of specialized swap systems for specific electric motorcycles.

To become a partner of TYCORUN battery swap cabinet, please first establish contact with TYCORUN through the contact information on the website, a professional market product planner will communicate with you to customize products and services according to your needs, or consult a product planner for professionally planned content.
We are the source factory of lithium battery packs/battery swap cabinet, and we have reached strategic partnerships with many electric motorcycle factories. We can provide you with customized battery swap cabinet/battery pack/electric motorcycle/electric two-wheeler/electric tricycle/management platform and other services

Since TYCORUN was established in 2007, it has had many years of experience as a supplier of battery swap cabinet. We always uphold a serious service attitude to customers and give customers the greatest support with our professional capabilities. TYCORUN has won the trust of customers with many-to-one service, including one-on-one service offered by our market product planners, online guidance by our technical engineers of battery swap cabinet factories and lithium battery pack factories, and remote video conferencing communication. And also, we have product installation guidance APP providing usage guide such as registration, deposit, package purchase, recharge and other services explanation.

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Customer Reviews

what our clients say
StanleyCEO of Electric Motorcycle Company
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I recently purchased an electric motorcycle battery swap cabinet for my business, and I must say it has been a game-changer. The battery swapping process is incredibly seamless and saves us a lot of time. Instead of waiting for hours to charge our electric motorcycles, we can simply swap out the depleted battery with a fully charged one from the cabinet. It takes just a few minutes, and we're back on the road with minimal downtime. The convenience and efficiency of the battery swap cabinet have greatly improved our productivity and made our operations much smoother.
MonaElectric motorcycle team leader
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As our electric motorcycle fleet continues to grow, we needed a charging solution that could scale with our needs. The electric motorcycle battery swap cabinet has been the perfect fit. Its modular design allows us to add more cabinets as our fleet expands, without requiring any major infrastructure changes. This scalability feature has saved us significant costs and allowed us to easily accommodate our growing number of electric motorcycles. The flexibility and adaptability of the battery swap cabinet make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand their electric vehicle fleet in a cost-effective manner.


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