5 Slots battery swap cabinet solution

One-stop solution for TYCORUN 5 slots battery swap cabinets, providing the most functions and the safest power swap scenarios with the smallest footprint

Battery swap cabinet introduction

  • Supports 48/60/72V multi-voltage battery platform
  • Intelligent identification of voltages of single battery
  • IOT intelligent interconnection and adaptability
  • Intelligent adjustment of battery charging strategy
  • Collect battery and cabinet data in real time
  • Support customized functions and applications
  • User side 7-inch touch screen
  • Swap battery normally off-grid or semi-off-grid
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature/smoke, automatic fire extinguishing, intelligent fire/safety warning, and notification to administrators
  • Lightning protection/IP54 water immersion detection, 24 hours outdoor dustproof and rainproof Power-off protection and early warning under water immersion(optional metal canopy with spray paint)
  • Cabinet fault monitoring, real-time power-off protection
  • Resist category12 typhoon, fixed feet are optional
  • Customizable camera monitoring system
5 Slots Battery Swap Cabinet For Electric Motorcycle
5 Slots Battery Swap Cabinet For Electric Motorcycle 5
  • Full charging process monitoring
  • Abnormal battery are automatically locked and sent as an early warning
  • Intelligent detection and alarm of battery swap cabinet/battery failure, timely early warning of abnormal conditions (notify the administrator by text message or phone call)
  • Grid overvoltage/undervoltage/leakage/short circuit automatic protection
  • Three-level protection for battery, charger and total power supply

swap cabinet battery Introduction

Built-in GPS/4G network module, report safety information and positioning at any time, check battery information in the background at any time (remote power off)
Upload battery abnormal information (abnormal event alarm: record abnormal events, report and deal with them in time)
Only authorized devices can be charged
Real-time monitoring of voltage/current/temperature/health and other information (real-time phone/message warning for battery abnormalities)
Battery disassembly alarm: malicious battery disassembly records, real-time reporting
Multi-parameter monitoring: charging overvoltage, discharging undervoltage, charging and discharging overcurrent, charging and discharging overtemperature, etc.
High temperature warning: When in storage, the battery can report the battery ID, location and abnormal information to the management platform; when in use, it can be warned and protected at any time when it is overheated
Battery life monitoring: statistics battery usage and provide battery life information

Parameters Table

Chamber Quantity5 Slots
Cabinet size400(W)*450(L)*1530(H)mm
Chamber size260(W) *420(L) *200(H)mm
Weight60Kg(Without battery)
Touch Screen7’ inch
Communication MethodRs485,CAN
Input Voltage100~240VAC 50HZ
Max power3200W
Max power per bin900W
Battery Voltage72V / 60V / 48V
Dynamic Power AdjustmentStandard Charging according to the BMS strategy
Ingression standardLightning protection/IP44
water immersion detect
Temperature MonitorStandard, backstage alarm
Remote MonitorStandard(Diagnose, manipulate online)
Chamber indicator3-Color LED
CommunicationWith 4G/WIFI; GPS/BT is optional
Swapping supportScan & Swap /Reservation/Offline-swapping
RainshedOptional(Metal with Painting)
AppearanceUse the template or Customization


5 Slots Battery Swap Cabinet FAQS

1. Whether to support customized 5 Slots Battery Swap Cabinet
Yes, we support OEM/ODM, and we can design exclusive applications according to your needs. We provide customized services for 5 Slots Battery Swap Cabinet/battery/electric motorcycle

2. How does the battery replacement process work?
2.1 Find a battery swap cabinet that is compatible with your electric motorcycle.
2.2 Drive your electric motorcycle to the battery swap cabinet and park it in the designated area.
2.3 Turn off your electric motorcycle and open the battery compartment or charging port.
2.4 Install the APP or use the card to register
2.5 Choose the package you want and pay the deposit or pay for the battery
2.6 Obtain the battery according to the instructions and replace it to the electric motorcycle
Close the battery compartment or charging port and start your electric motorcycle.
Start off with a fully charged battery and continue your journey.
It’s important to note that the exact steps and procedures for using a battery swap cabinet may vary by manufacturer and model of electric motorcycle, so be sure to check your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer if you have any questions or concerns.

3. What types of batteries are compatible with the battery swap cabinet?
3.1 Battery type compatibility: Batteries of different brands and models have different physical dimensions, connection methods, communication protocols, and electrical characteristics, etc.
3.2 Charging standard compatibility: the charging interface provided by the battery swap cabinet also needs to match the standard of the battery charger

Our battery swap cabinet is designed with a universal battery module to accommodate multiple battery types. It can also be set to support a specific brand or model of battery so that users will not be able to complete charging or replacement when using other brands or models of batteries

4. Can I buy batteries at the battery swap cabinet?
Under normal circumstances, batteries cannot be purchased in battery swap cabinet

5. Are battery swap cabinet safe for my vehicle?
The battery provided by the supplier and the electric motorcycle are completely safe except for the abrasion and collision during the battery replacement process.
It is recommended to check the manual or consult the supplier when using other brands of batteries and electric motorcycles

6. How often do I need to replace the battery?
We use high-quality A-grade lithium batteries, and the standard use time is more than 5 years
We also have LFP batteries, NCA batteries,and NCM batteries,can choose different types of batteries according to the environment and user needs

7.Is the battery swap cabinet safe?
The traditional charging method needs to use wires to transmit electric energy, which will cause wire loss and energy waste, and will also generate a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions. In contrast, the battery swap cabinet uses already charged batteries, which avoids loss and waste caused by power transmission, and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. This environmental protection method protects the environment to a certain extent, and is also in line with the policy orientation of environmental protection countries in terms of green travel.

8. What if I have a problem after changing the battery at the battery swap cabinet?
Check whether the operation of replacing the battery is correct, such as whether the battery wiring is tight, whether the polarity is correct, etc.
Confirm whether the battery type of the replacement battery is the same as that of the original battery, and whether the voltage and capacity meet the specifications of the battery swap cabinet.
Check whether the working condition of the electric cabinet is normal after replacing the battery, for example, whether the electric cabinet can be charged and discharged normally, whether there is any abnormal sound, etc.
If there is a problem, you can try to restart the battery swap cabinet first to see if it can solve the problem.
If the problem cannot be solved, you can contact the manufacturer or after-sales service of the battery swap cabinet and ask them for a solution to the problem.
If you can’t fix the problem yourself, it is recommended not to try to repair the battery swap cabinet yourself, so as not to cause more serious damage, but also pose a safety risk.




TYCORUN ENERGY is a professional supplier of battery swap cabinet solutions.
A new energy technology company specializing in R&D and sales of battery swap cabinet systems
Founded in 2007, it has reached cooperation with customers from more than 20 countries
With strong capital, strong productivity, advanced technology, and professional after-sales service, it is in a leading position in the entire battery replacement industry
Owning two manufacturing plants, the team has many years of experience in battery swapping cabinet solutions, and is an in-depth partner of many electric motorcycle manufacturers.


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